Tuesday, August 12, 2014

2 Artworks from today

Hello everyone! ^-^)/
I painted two things today (until now ).

The first one is a kobold/goblin, who wants so protect his diamonds from the dog that wants to play.
I enjoyed painting in this style. ^v^ 
Think, I will make some more of these~ 

The second one is a soldier. It was kinds fast- it took only 4 hours to paint it. Usually I need about 6 for that level of detail °u° *yaay*
Of course it was extremely fun as well. It is my most comfortable painting style. ^-^
Think about painting a lady with some background... but.. I am not sure yet. Backgrounds are so... meeeehhh @~@  damn hard... and I don't want something for my bin @u@'' U know.. doing portfolio work and that stuff... my studies are almost finished. Ö_Ö

Enough talk. Intermediaaaates:
( because of the sizes and the amount of pictures, just click at one picture and scroll through it for an enlanged version, it saves some space here)


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