Thursday, February 20, 2014

3D statue for a school project - final model ADDITION

this is the final statue for the game. It's now finished. ^-^

Splashdamage Art Test WIP

Hi everyone.
Today we made the Splashdamage Environment Art Test (link) at school. After the lessons we finished the highpoly. We will make the lowpoly in our next 3D-environment lesson.

I took some screenshots again to show the steps of development.
Some parts were quite tricky, but the teacher helped to manage it. So, finally I learned a lot today about workflow and floaters.

Here are the steps of the current highpoly:

The concept of splashdamage and my model

Thursday, February 13, 2014

3D statue for a school project

Hello everyone.
This is a statue I worked on during the last 4 months. Yeaaahhhh... that's preeettty slow ^^' But it was my second figure so it may be acceptable. ^^

Here you see my untextured highpolymodel and the concept of a classmate who was the concepter of the school project.


This is the posed figure. Maybe I will upload the steps of making the base figure as well, if I didn't already upload some steps of creating a human 3d model... did I? ö.ö'
I created the figure in 3dsMax and posed it in Maya with the help of the animator in our project.

 After posing the statue, I created the clothing in MarvellousDesigner. It's not exactly like shown in the concept, because we didn't want to have mature content in the final game. For that reason she got some houswife-slave clothing.


 Here you can see the finished lowpoly model and the highpoly model.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Phantasy creature - Sheeptarsier

Hi everybody. 
At school we got the task to develop a phantsycreature based on real animals.
I decided for a mixture of a sheep and a tarsier.

This is the aranged photo-version. I used an Ouressantsheep, horns, tarsier eyes + ears, tapir feet and a zebra tail. Later the coat should get a harpy pattern.

This is the final animal (photopainting).
There is a big sheet full of animal description, as well, but I don't want to bore you. ; )

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Character concept

A character concept for a dark elf. I made it during a concept-art lesson at school. =)