Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Creating a 3D handgun for a semester game

I didn't draw a lot during the last weeks. Because of that I decided to show you the first asset I made for our semester-game. (/°o°)/
Yeah, I am still beginner, but I did my best to make a good weapon. ^-^ It was the first complex model I created and textured by myself.
For advanced it may be nothing special. But for me, it still is. (^-^)

3D modeling reference

 Starting the highpoly (3DsMax)

Finished highpoly

The lowpoly

Building a uv-map for texturing (in 3Dcoat)

Generated textures for the lowpoly (in Xnormal)

 Overpaint in Photoshop as texturing reference

Starting to paint the texture 
(test to see which 2D part in Photoshop belongs to which 3D part on the weapon)

The test texture in Photoshop

Starting the real texture

Finishing the real texture

The finished texture in Photoshop

The finished textured model

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